Ferris Wheel 108m in Kunming

Ferris Wheel 108m in Kunming

Name:108m Ferris Wheel

Location:KunMing,Yunnan Province,China

Description of Ferris Wheel 108m in Kunming

The 108 meters Ferris wheel, known as the Eye of Dianchi, in located in Kunming, Yunnan province. As the highest big round wheel in Yunnan, the Eye of Dianchi has become the landmark of the city with 56 cabins and a huge capacity of 336 passengers. Integrating with peacock elements, it is also a customized Ferris wheel relating to local culture and liberal art. When the lights show up at night, the Ferris wheel slowly turns, like a beautiful peacock showing its feathers and dancing.

Technical Parameters of Ferris Wheel 108m in Kunming

Constructiontruss type, friction wheel driving
Total height108m
Runner diameter99.65m
The number of cabins56sets(6persons/set)
Driving power48KW
Floor area55m*63m
CabinAluminum alloy cabin