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Ferris Wheel 108m in Xining

Ferris Wheel 108m in Xining

Name:108m Ferris Wheel

Location:XiNing,QingHai Province,China

Description of 108M Ferris Wheel Qinghai Eye

As the most eye-catching scenery along the Huangshui River, the 108 meters beautiful Ferris wheel is located in Xining city, Qinghai province. Also called the Eye of Qinghai, it has a total of 56 boxes. Each box depicts the Chinese nation, symbolizing the unity and close connection of the 56 nations. 336 people can experience the ride at the same time. At the highest point, passengers can overlook the panorama of the tourism city.

Technical Parameters of 108M Ferris Wheel Qinghai Eye

Constructionherringbone pillar spoke type wheel
Total height108m
Runner diameter99m
The number of cabins56sets(6persons/set)
Driving power35.2KW
Total power168.6kw
Floor area110m*40m
Cabin360°transparent and panoramic spherical cabin
Ferris Wheel 108m in Xining