Ferris Wheel 66m in Hefei

Ferris Wheel 66m in Hefei

Name:66m Ferris Wheel

Location: HeFei,AnHui Province,China

Description of 66m Ferris Wheel

As a newly developed product of our company, the 66 meters Ferris wheel contains a rotating wheel with a diameter of about 58.5 meters and is installed on a floor stand composed of 4 pillars. It has 32 gondolas with beautiful shapes that accommodates 6 persons in one time. Due to the low movement, the ferris wheel can load and unload passengers without stopping. With LED lighting system equipped on the ferris wheel, a light show can always be staged to attract tourists and citizens of the area.

Technical Parameters of 66m Ferris Wheel

Construction:combined type wheel friction wheel driving
Total height:66m
Runner diameter:58.5m
The number of cabins:32sets(6persons/set)
Driving power:32KW