Ferris Wheel 82m in Heihe

Ferris Wheel 82m in Heihe

Name: 82m Ferris Wheel

Location: HeiHe,HeiLongJiang Province,China

Description of 82m Ferris Wheel

The 82 meters Ferris wheel is also an excellent product designed and built by us. As an observation wheel, the 82 meters Ferris wheel, about 20 stories high, are of high comfort and visibility. It has 42 gondolas, with each accommodate 6 persons. Observation wheels at this height are usually installed around beautiful scenes such as the riverside or the central of a city, passengers have a fascinating bird’s view on the ride. With remarkable design and colorful steel structures, the Ferris wheel itself is a genius of art during the day. Equipped with LED lighting system, the Ferris wheel becomes even more attractive at night.

Technical Parameters of 82m Ferris Wheel

Construction:Combined type
Cabin:Aluminum alloy cabin
Total height:82m
Running diameter:79.3m
The number of cabins:42sets(6persons/set)
Driving power:35KW
Occupied area:42m*46m