Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge

Name:Glass Bridge

Location:YiChun,JiangXi Province,China

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Description of Glass Bridge

The glass bridge is a bridge made of glass and suspended in the air. Tourists walk through the bridge without any support, just like walking in the air. With its unique advantages and breathtaking excitement, the glass bridge has gradually become the first choice of landscape bridges in various scenic spots, creating a unique air walking experience for tourists. The super stimulation it brings to visitors is hard to surpass by other types of amusement rides.

Features of Glass Bridge

A glass bridge is the first choice if a scenic spot needs a bridge because it can make people feel like they are walking in the air. The thrill comes with the fear of height is something that other amusement equipment cannot compare with. Usually, a glass bridge is built high up in the air, and it is a recipe for an impressive scenic spot for its amusement and sightseeing features. Standing on it, if dare to, you can have a good look at beautiful sceneries, no matter from overlooking or head-up perspective. Simple lines, modern structure and transparent appearance make a glass bridge a place for visitors to find refreshment for their mind. Besides, tall and good-looking bridge towers—these two unique elements easily catch visitors' eyes.

The bridge bottom is paved with transparent glass, and the lake reflects the bridge and its surroundings at daytime, a perfect combination. At night, all colorful lights also contribute to this splendid view. JUMA is a professional glass walkway manufacturer, welcome to contact us.