Gyro Swing

Gyro Swing

Name: Gyro Swing

Location: ShaoXing,ZheJiang Province,China

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Description of Gyro Swing

The gyro swing is a kind of large rotating amusement equipment, which consists of main support, hanging device, pendulum, and electrical system. The main part of the equipment is a truss structure, and the shell of the pendulum is glass-reinforced plastic. It is equipped with seats and safety bars to ensure the safety of visitors. During the period of equipment operation, tourists realize 1-2 seconds of weightlessness and experience the sensation of astronauts in space.

The price of the gyro swing ride is relatively low in large-scale amusement equipment, and it covers a small area. It can be installed and used in squares, parks, amusement parks and other places in the city. Because of its magnificent momentum during operation, it attracts a large number of customers. In this case, the market prospect of gyro swing is broad. Visitors swing back and forth on a high-speed pendulum and can not help but shout and laugh, which greatly improves the fun atmosphere of the playground. The gyro swing is one of the most popular amusement equipment with its novel shape, colorful appearance, and smooth operation.

Features of Gyro Swing

Amusement equipment is everywhere for people to relax and seek thrills, gyro swing is one of the most popular ones.

Gyro swing, also called frisbee, is a type of pendulum amusement ride featuring a circular gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth, allowing riders to experience weightlessness and blank minds. Therefore, gyro swing rides capture the attention of many young people. However, safety is of top priority, nobody wants to seek fun in an amusement park but ends up with injuries. This calls for strict management and supervision of related equipment.

Among so many types of amusement rides, the gyro swing has a relatively low price and occupies less area, making it a good choice in squares, parks, amusement parks and other places in the city. It is so popular that many investors want it to be a part of their projects.

Technical Parameters of Gyro Swing

Height:about 13m
Maximum reciprocating angle:±110°
Total power:120kw
Power supply:AC380/50Hz,three phase TN-S system
Theory passengers capacity :480persons/hour
Occupied area:18m*16m=288㎡