Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

Description of Roller Coasters

Roller coaster, known as“the king of the amusement park”, is a type of ride with motion. It is the must-have type of amusement rides in amusement parks and theme parks. Although the roller coaster is scary, it is a very safe and mature type of amusement rides that is popular with many young tourists. LaMarcus Adna Thompson, an American inventor, and businessman was the first person to register a patented roller-coaster technology (January 20, 1885) and has built several roller coaster installations, earning him the title "Father of Gravity."

A basic roller coaster configuration, including climbing, sliding, reversing (children's roller coaster does not reverse). The track design doesn't have to be a complete loop, but it can also be designed for the way the car body moves on the trackback and forth. Most roller coasters can hold two, four, or six people in each car, and the cars are hooked up like a train. At its most basic level, a roller coaster is nothing more than a machine that uses gravity and inertia to keep a train moving along a winding track.

As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, we have designed an advanced version of a roller coaster, such as the Three Circle Roller Coaster. The Three Circle Roller Coaster is made up of six cars that slide on an elevated track. The motor and the driving chain of the deceleration device drive the car up to the highest point of 25.16 meters along the track. After that, the car hurls down with inertia and enters a vertical ring track. At the top of the ring track, tourists are in a headfirst state to experience a thrilling feeling. Visitors can experience the thrill of spinning, gliding, and approaching weightlessness for about 90 seconds. All kinds of customization can be achieved.

Features of Roller Coasters

Roller coasters, despite their appearances, are safe and well-developed amusement equipment in amusement parks and theme parks. Known as “King Equipment in Amusement Parks”, they are popular among young people because they could bring them brand-new experience: it first rises higher than dozens of meters and suddenly dives into dark tunnels, leaving you no time to admire the beauty of the sky. Then it roars through water flumes and makes big splashes. Finally, it glides through a broad lake surface. This unique, exciting, and unforgettable ride is a perfect combination of “flying”, “diving” and “surfing” and deserves a try.

In Chimelong Paradise, China, there is a world-class roller coaster—the dive coaster. Different from the common coupled-set one, it has three cars per train, whose movements remind people of a flying eagle, or a fighter bomber.