Self Control Plane Ride

Self Control Plane Ride

Name: Self Control Plane Ride

Location: ZheJiang Province,China

Description of Self Control Plane Ride

The self control plane ride is the latest large-scale amusement equipment designed by us according to the market needs and specific requirements of users. Compared with other similar products, the new plane has outstanding advantages: the appearance of the plane modeling is particularly beautiful with cartoon figures and also very similar to the high-performance stealth fighter J-20. The great streamline shape and the controllable lifting system lead passengers into the interesting part of the experience.

The self control plane ride is a kind of amusement plane that rotates around the vertical axis. Passengers can control the rise and fall of the plane by themselves. At the same time, passengers consider the plane ahead as an "enemy plane" and shoot it down. With a certain stimulation, the equipment is suitable for all kinds of tourists, especially children and teenagers.

Features of Self Control Plane Ride

The self-control plane ride is a kinds of amusement park rides of recreation and has its own distinctive features: fashionable plane designs, cartoon elements, streamlined shapes and manageable elevated system, offering great fun for riders.

The self-control plane ride spins around a vertical axis. Its riders can control the operational lever to rise or fall freely, and pursue or shot others to enjoy the fun. Besides, it also has exciting air battle sounds and allows riders to experience the tension brought by “plane driving”, as well as the pleasure of freedom. It is equipment that suits everyone, especially children and teenagers.

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Technical Parameters of Self Control Plane Ride

Equipment height8.5m
Number of the airplane10sets*2persons/set
Maximum flying height6.5m
Maximum rotation diameter of airplaneabout 14m
Total power40kw
Power supplyAC380/50Hz/60Hz, three-phase TN-S system
Theory passengers capacity400persons/hour
Occupied area380㎡.