Spinning Coaster

Spinning Coaster

Name: Spinning Coaster

Location:JiangXi Province,China

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Description of the Spinning Coaster

Spinning Coaster is a large scooter type of amusement machine, which uses a lifting mechanism to rise the pulley with the cabin to the highest position of the track, and then releases the pulley on its own potential energy along the track with a certain slope forward slide. The track changes unpredictably. It can be straight, curved or wavy, which essentially leads to the excitement of the ride. Vehicles on such tracks are driven by gravity and centripetal force. Passengers feel relaxed during the interesting drive while the cabin on the vehicle rotates, dives, tilts and also goes through soft.

Recent years, investors of many natural scenic areas pay attention to the Spinning Coaster.

Combined with the local landscape, the Spinning Coaster in scenic spots becomes more exciting and challenging and further attracts an increasing number of tourists.

Features of the Spinning Coaster

The spinning coaster is an amusement ride which is full of thrills, and it is the thrills and the fast speed that makes people fascinated. As a matter of fact, roller coasters are perfect combinations of many physical principles. If you are a physics-lover, your ride on a roller coaster can also be a lesson of laws of mechanics.

A spinning roller coaster is a kind of centrifugal machine. When going around a roller coaster’s vertical loop, the inertia that produces a thrilling acceleration force also keeps passengers in their seat. As the car approaches a loop, the direction of a passenger’s inertial velocity points straight ahead of the same angle as the track leading up to the loop. As the car enters the loop, the track guides the car up, moving the passenger up as well. This change in direction creates a feeling of extra gravity as the passenger is pushed down into the seat. Even at the top of the loop, the force of the car’s acceleration pushed the passenger off the seat toward the center of the loop, while inertia pushes the passenger back into the seat. Of course, passengers need to equipped with some safety gears for safety concerns, but the fact is that in most loops, passengers will still be pushed down into the seats, with or without those gears.

Technical Parameters of the Spinning Coaster

The total length of the track320m
Number of car5 sets*4 persons/set
Maximum speed35km/h
Minimum turning radius2.25m
Power supplyAC380/50Hz/60Hz,three phase TN-S system
Theory passengers capacity400 persons/hour
Occupied area22m*33m=726㎡