Super Swing

Super Swing

Name: Super Swing

Location: FuYang,Anhui Province,China

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Description of Super Swing (Waving Tumbling)

Super Swing is a thrilling amusement ride designed to simulate the situation when ships sail in the sea and encounter storms. During the ride, passengers feel like being thrown high into the air, rolls, swings, and joints like riding the wind and waves. It requires great courage for people to experience the ride, and therefore, the amusement rides are mainly attractive to teenagers and adults who chase for stimulation.

Features of Super Swing (Waving Tumbling)

In a super swing, also known as a pendulum swing ride, 360-degree rolling-over seats are welcomed additions to the traditional swing ride, doubling riders’ pleasure and sense of thrill.

A super swing consists of a pendulum with rolling-over seats, supporting frames, the first rotating device, the second rotating device, the first rotating arm, and the second rotating arm. The top of the pendulum and the supporting frames are connected through a hinge joint and the pendulum is suspended between supporting frames through the first rotating arm, the top of which is where the first rotating device put on. Meanwhile, the second rotating arm horizontally clings to the bottom of the pendulum and the second rotating device is on the end of the second arm and provides power to it. Also, the bottom of the seats connects with the surface of the second rotating arm, and the supporting frames are equipped with connecting pieces, one end of which is a bulge, the other end socket. This design allows connecting pieces to connect with each other. Besides, The top of the pendulum and the bottom center of connecting pieces are joined with a hinge.

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Technical Parameters of Super Swing (Waving Tumbling)

Running Height13m
Power supplyAC380/50Hz/60Hz, three-phase TN-S system
Theory passengers capacity760persons/hour
Occupied area30m*20m=600㎡