Teacup Ride

Teacup Ride

Description of Teacup Ride

Teacup Ride, known as the coffee cup, is medium-sized amusement equipment that rotates horizontally around the vertical axis with multiple rotating bodies. The main body of the equipment is a large turntable, which is equipped with small turntables; Each of turntables is equipped with cockpits (customizable quantity and appearance). The large turntable rotates around the central axis; small turntables revolve with the large one and rotates around their own central axis. The cockpits can be controlled and rotated by the passengers themselves. Each cabin accommodates 4 passengers.

Tourists with family members or close friends have the chance to experience together. With the sound of beautiful music, it makes people feel like they are dancing a beautiful waltz together.

Features of Teacup Ride

The teacup amusement ride for sale is characterized by cup-shaped spinning vehicles (also could be called spinning teacups), and it usually is a set of six or nine teacups. Take teacup ride of six teacups, for example, it has six teacup-shaped vehicles and a big teapot-style decoration in the middle. While in operation, the ride operator spins each cup while all cups spin around the teapot. Every tea cup ride for sale can hold 4 people, so it is a good choice for family and friends. With controllable running speeds, fewer security concerns, and less covering area, it is a ride that is well-liked by lots of children and parents, as well as a ride that is suitable for all kinds of parks, family recreation centers, children’s palaces and other places of recreation. However, please keep in mind that if you want to purchase, do select a professional amusement rides supplier. We have a favorable teacup carnival ride for sale and your consultation will be warmly welcomed.

Kids may easily get bored by a piece of single amusement equipment. This requires us to develop more equipment to give them more pleasure. For instance, based on the teacup amusement ride, we can develop the Boonie Bears ride, which can be a great surprise for children. However, in this process, quality is also an essential factor because any accident may bring children traumatized experience. Juma is a professional amusement ride supplier that always gives top priority to quality products and children’s laughter. We are your go-to choice if you want to find a good platform for all amusement equipment.