Name: Telpher

Location:HeBei Province,China

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Description of Telpher

Telpher is a kind of ropeway. The sling is fixed on the carrier cable, and the carrier and the sling move with the movement of the carrier cable. Its transport vehicles contain lifting cars, lifting baskets, lifting chairs, towing tools, etc. The operating speed is generally less than 1.5m/s. Compared with other means of transport, telpher has many prominent characteristics. Firstly, it across the mountain and ground obstacles and has strong adaptability. With short distance, it helps tourists to save the travel time. Also, the structure of Telpher is compact which means there will be small damage to the natural landscape. It generally uses electric drive with low energy consumption and no pollution. And most importantly, the investment is relatively lower than other forms of transportation.

Features of Telpher

A telpher, a load-carrying car suspended from and running on aerial cables, can be regarded as a road in the air. It dates to ancient days when the telpher didn’t have any power engine and was the gravity incline, which consisted of copper cables, pulleys and car hoppers.

The mid-twentieth century witnessed the birth of modern telphers, which has two cables: one is used to bear the weight of cars while the other is an element of the hauling system. Based on operation modes and structures, telphers can be divided into one-way telphers and round-up telphers. Right now, there are over 16,000 telphers of various kinds all around the world and Switzerland has the largest number.

Switzerland, boasting its famous ski resorts and beautiful mountains, attracts many ski-lovers every year and is in great need of telphers, because they are often used in mountainous areas where cable haulage is the most practical and ideal way of transportation to overcome large difficulties (such as steep slopes, windy and foggy weather) in elevation.

To further guarantee the safety, they are equipped with durable cables and brakes, making telphers 30 times safer than cars. Also, they have a low construction and maintenance fee, occupy less land space and are pollution free. Therefore, the future of telphers is very promising.

Technical Parameters of Telpher

Transmission capacity for one way500 persons/hour
Running speed1.05m/s
The distance of each cabin30m/cabin
Cable diameter40mm