Time Travel

Time Travel

Name: Time Travel

Location:SuZhou,JiangSu Province,China

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Description of Time Travel

To track the modern civilization, the Time Travel uses a novel design in the aspect of external selection and adopts the shape of a clock. During the operation of Time Travel, two rotary arms of the equipment drive the cabins swinging forth and back, which seems like a race against time. It brings passengers a sense of weightlessness and attracts teenagers as well as adults to try the unique riding experience.

Technical Parameters of Time Travel

The number of cabins2cabins(12persons/cabin)
Max height of the equipment14m
Rotation radius6m
Power supplyAC380/50Hz/60Hz,three-phase TN-S system
Theory passengers capacity480persons/hour
Occupied area14m*10m=140㎡

Features of Time Travel

Time Travel is a new amusement ride consisting of a tower, a transmitting device, rotating arms (two short arms and a long heavy arm), supporting frames, rows of seats, and a platform. This newly developed amusement ride is a combination of distinctive features of all kinds of amusement equipment around the world. This type of Time Travel is in the shape of a giant clock whose swinging hour hands are actually rotating arms with rows of seats at ends and the second hand is a gravity drop hammer so that riders can be swung back and forth. Riders may feel like they are racing against time or experiencing time and space travel with great fantasy and thrills. This equipment can also create a sense of weightlessness and show riders another pleasant side of the“time”. 

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