Professional Ferris Wheel Big Wheel Construction Master in China

Professional Ferris Wheel Big Wheel Construction Master in China

It is said that the ferris wheel big wheel is a symbol of happiness, fantasy and beauty. For a city, having a "special" ferris wheel big wheel as a landmark building is becoming more and more popular. More and more cities take advantage of the "ferris wheel big wheel effect" to build their own "highest" and "largest" ferris wheel big wheel. Ferris wheel big wheels with different "highest" records have emerged in China.

For Ma Dingyuan and his son who focus on making ferris wheel big wheel in China, this is undoubtedly a good time for the explosive development of the company in recent years. Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., which has been cultivating amusement facilities for 30 years, is actively using the ferris wheel big wheel to create a dream, to create a city landmark, and bring the "ferris wheel big wheel effect" to the sustainable development of the city. Some experts say that people's emotions come after the times. And along the way, what kind of emotions the Ma Dingyuan and his son have nurtured?

The Bohai Eye

1. From the perspective of the world, cast the wheel of the century

In 1989, Ma Dingyuan knew little but was longing for much. Originally engaged in garden planning, he came into contact with the new concept of "amusement park" for the first time. He personally went to the Daqing Oilfield Park in Shandong and took pictures of amusement machines, including slides, bumper cars, and merry-go-rounds, showing the first customer a patchwork amusement park that requires imagination. In 1990, he founded Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., and began to specialize in the production of various large and medium-sized amusement facilities, starting from scratch.

In 2012, Ma Dingyuan was determined and urgent. Ma Jian returned from his studies and took over the steering wheel of Juma, meaning "giant horse" from his father. This "second generation entrepreneur" opened up his infinite imagination of the beautiful ferris wheel. Under his leadership, Juma achieved a new round of transformation and upgrading, and in just seven years, it has grown into an innovative R&D and manufacturing company focusing on ferris wheel big wheel projects, making up for the blank of whole process integration service of ferris wheel big wheel and quickly opening up the international market, becoming the creator of more urban landmarks in one fell swoop. 

From 1989 to 2019, the 30-year period has condensed the entrepreneurship, preservation and inheritance of the two generations of Zhejiang businessmen. From the initial barbaric growth to the current steady victory, Juma has carved out its niche in the market. In 2018, it achieved a market share of 70% in the domestic ferris wheel big wheel market and a market share of 50% in the international ferris wheel big wheel market. It is the world's largest and most successful ferris wheel big wheel manufacturer, providing Zhejiang manufacturing with the experience of Zhejiang businessmen in high-quality development.

Hunan Zhongmao Ferris Wheel

2. Designed and manufactured by China Juma

The 108-meter A-frame structure ferris wheel big wheel in Xining, the 133-meter unilateral single-column ferris wheel big wheel in Wuhu, the 108-meter Peacock ferris wheel big wheel in Kunming, and the world's largest shaftless ferris wheel big wheel "The Bohai Eye". With unique design, high-quality safety and stability, Juma has forged many models of "online sensation" ferris wheel big wheels.

Among them, the shaftless ferris wheel big wheel "Eye of the Bohai Sea" located in Weifang City, Shandong Province has no central shaft support, and the entire ferris wheel big wheel looks like a giant dragon connected end to end when viewed from a distance, consisting only of an outer supporting truss. This ring frame was built by 4600 tons of steel beams. According to reports, it took two years to build the ring frame alone.

The linkage method of the shaftless ferris wheel big wheel is a new topic. JUMA creatively uses a track system, and installs a number of sliding frames in series on the track. And there is a main bearing cable between the adjacent sliding frames. 8 auxiliary cables are connected, and a driving beam is installed at the bottom of the sliding frame, and walking wheels are used between the driving beam and the track for movement.

In order to find a suitable material for the ferris wheel big wheel JUMA tested more than 20 materials at home and abroad, and finally imported a high-performance material with a cost more than ten times higher than ordinary materials. After more than 500 tests, the final decision was made. In order to ensure the safety of the ferris wheel big wheel, JUMA uses special steel, whose strength is 6 times that of ordinary steel produce big ferris wheel for sale.

On September 15, 2017, Juma Group's Weifang 145-meter shaftless ferris wheel big wheel successfully completed the type test. "The Bohai Eye" is not only the world's first woven grid ferris wheel big wheel and the world's first shaftless wheel-bridge-integrated Ferris wheel, but also has more than 20 national patents. The operation of this shaftless ferris wheel big wheel is another success of Zhejiang's manufacturing embracing the world.

108m Peacock ferris wheel big wheel in Kunming

"The building of ferris wheel big wheel relies on accumulation. Thirty years of technological accumulation and innovation have nurtured our confidence. At present, JUMA is the first company in the world to master the core technology of this new structure ferris wheel big wheel." Ma Jian said proudly.

Just when the "The Bohai Eye" was put into operation, JUMA successfully won the bid for the "Bay Area Lights" ferris wheel big wheel project, and started the construction of the highest-end China ferris wheel big wheel with rotary space capsules. "High degree of specialization" is the only way for an enterprise to last and pursue the ultimate forever.

In order to maintain the leading advantages of JUMA in the industry, Zhejiang JUMA has cooperated closely with scientific research institutions and universities such as China Construction and Architecture Research Institute, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, and established Shanghai Juma Design Research Institute in 2014, specifically to solve the encountered problems in research and development and manufacturing of ferris wheel big wheel. In addition, JUMA has also reached a strategic partnership agreement with the world's No. 1 ferris wheel big wheel manufacturer, Stenais, winning the help of "foreign forces".

Currently, it is participating in the design of the "Eye of India" and "Eye of Thailand" ferris wheel big wheels in Stenes. At present, JUMA has nearly 30 projects under construction or about to be constructed, including 6 overseas ferris wheel big wheel projects. In the past three years, the company's sales revenue has increased by more than 50% annually, and the output value will double from last year. "Being the most professional ferris wheel big wheel construction master in China", this sentence is deeply engraved in the hearts of every employee in JUMA, who is accumulating the outpouring endogenous power.