Research on Hoisting of Steel Structure of Outdoor Large Ferris Wheel

Research on Hoisting of Steel Structure of Outdoor Large Ferris Wheel

Ⅰ. Hoisting ideas of outdoor big ferris wheel

In this project, the 3 main chords can be regarded as triangular trusses for installation. The basic idea of hoisting is: assembling the roulette structure in sections → using standard tower crane sections or lattice type temporary support frame to locate and install the outer main chord Rod small assembly unit → erect the small rigid frame on the outer main chord, locate and install the inner main chord on the small rigid frame → use the three main chords inside and outside to locate and install the braided grid small assembly unit.

Ⅱ. The key technology of the hoisting process for outdoor big ferris wheel

1. Selection of hoisting machinery

According to the hoisting parameters, the 150t crawler crane for the substructure hoisting of the project, the 450t crawler crane for the middle structure hoisting, the 50t steam turbine crane for the middle and upper structure hoisting, the 25t steam turbine crane for splicing and transporting components, tower crane performs high-altitude lifting and assists in completing the lifting of the big Ferris wheel structure.

2. Before assembling, use the software to do a collision simulation inspection to prevent the components from being reworked due to improper installation sequence, and to coordinate the relationship between the structural lifting sequence and the lifting efficiency.

3. According to the coordinate value, the ground closed loop is used for measurement and positioning, and the aerial position of the support point is fixed. Strictly control the position of the intersecting line of the two sides of the component at the nozzle during installation, and check whether the small assembling unit is consistent with the crescent-shaped steel plate at the supporting point.

4. According to the position change of the hoisting unit in the hoisting process, select reasonable hoisting nodes, hoisting machinery and hoisting tools, and carry out hoisting simulation, and coordinate the hoisting efficiency, hoisting safety and air attitude control of the small assembly unit in the hoisting process.

5. Deformation control: Due to the weight of the components, wind effects, welding deformation, construction errors, micro-settlement of the foundation, and micro-deformation of the components, it is very important to control the deformation during the installation of the Ferris wheel. According to the analysis of the construction process, the deformation is small and within the controllable range; in order to ensure the optimization of the construction quality, deformation monitoring and stress monitoring measures need to be taken and compared with the software simulation values in order to find problems and give feedback in time.