Shenzhen's 128-meter Ferris Wheel Was Built

Shenzhen's 128-meter Ferris Wheel Was Built


With the ringing of the beautiful bell, we heard a shocking news: "The Light of the Bay Area" is completed!

The "Light of the Bay Area" 128-meter-high ferris wheel big wheel was completed at 8:18 on March 21 with zero error. In the future, you can enjoy its different looks from all angles.

1. The wheel of the world, carefully crafted!


The "Light of the Bay Area" ferris wheel big wheel is jointly produced by JUMA and the European STARNETH ENGINEERING team. We cast the wheel of the century with the world's vision. Our works integrate culture, viewing, entertainment, business and experience, creating a powerful engine for Qianhai's tourism economy. Now let's see how amazing it is!

2. The whims of the structure


"The Light of the Bay Area" brings together the world's top ferris wheel big wheel technology!

Design 5-pillar large stand, 28 space capsules. The total height of the equipment is 128 meters, the diameter of the runner is 113.3 meters, and the electrical control system adopts a redundant design to provide a safe, stable and comfortable operation system.

The world's first fin-shaped special-shaped large stand is a whim from the ocean. Its unilateral two-column structure maximizes the viewing surface of the ferris wheel big wheel, bringing the ultimate open view. The flat special-shaped double-tube rim design concept is a trend and a perfect breakthrough from structure to art.

The loading and unloading passenger diversion system can reasonably configure the flow line of people. The 25-person ellipsoid rotary space capsule is the first in China and has an ultra-stable system. It allows passengers to ride as smooth as they are on the ground, but also allows them to feel like they are sitting in a space capsule. There are world-class configurations here, such as high-end and atmospheric conference halls, pleasant bars, romantic couples halls, and unique space designs to meet the different needs of tourists.

3. Space capsule display


The appearance of the space capsule is crystal clear, the ellipsoid shape is smooth and round, and it is integrated with the giant ferris wheel big wheel. Tourists take the space capsule, and the scenery of Qianhai Bay is unobstructed.

4. The meaning of Shenzhen's "Light of the Bay Area"

"Light of the Bay Area" reconstructs the Shenzhen skyline and becomes a new ferris wheel landmark in Shenzhen. Every Shenzhen person has a "halo" in their hearts. This aura originates from Shenzhen's 40 years of reform and opening-up and its status as an international metropolis, as well as from the great contribution of Shenzhen people to the development of the city.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will be the largest and most distinctive bay area in the world. In the future Baoan, the global industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain will be deeply integrated here. Baoan will become a business office area connected to the Qianhai Cooperation Zone in the east, Dachan Bay Port Area in the west, and Baoan Central District in the north.

The rise of the rare ferris wheel big wheel in the world means that Baoan will open a new chapter in the development of western tourism. While creating the era of Shenzhen Coastline 3.0, we have also changed the pattern of tourism in Shenzhen, where the east is more important and the west is less. Above this dazzling light, you will see a beam of "Light of the Bay Area" leading to the Shenzhen skyline.

Such a seaside park, such a ferris wheel big wheel, you must be looking forward to it!