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Small Ferris Wheel Amusement Equipment

Small Ferris Wheel Amusement Equipment

Brief introduction of small Ferris wheel amusement equipment:


The mini ferris wheel is also called the children's sightseeing car. In fact, the sightseeing car is the scaled-down version of the Ferris wheel. In order to better serve children, the cartoon version of the sightseeing car is specially designed to attract the children's attention visually. At the same time, the sightseeing car can well meet the children's desire to climb high and overlook around, so it is very popular with children. It is not only beautiful in appearance, small in floor area, without foundation and convenient to move, but also can be built in an amusement park, park, square and other places.

According to the structure of the rotary-table, the sightseeing car is divided into truss type and spoke type. General small and medium-sized sightseeing cars use the rotation of the central axis and pin tooth. The gondola of the sightseeing car is semi-closed, and one gondola can hold two people. The sightseeing car rotates around the horizontal axis, and the speed is relatively slow, generally, 15-18m / min, so that the passengers can get on and off more easily without stopping. Because of the enjoyment of the sightseeing car, the price is much cheaper than the round wheel ride, so many owners of amusement equipment love it very much.