Space Production and Modernity of  Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

Space Production and Modernity of Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

On the surface, the large outdoor Ferris wheel is a mechanical device with strong entertainment properties. It brings thrills, dizziness, and excitement to tourists. Even some merchants will warn those people who have high blood pressure, heart disease and fear of heights to try carefully. In fact, this kind of risk prompt has an attractive counter-acting force as a commercial gimmick. Taking a ride on the Ferris wheel does not have dizziness compared to riding a roller coaster or taking a flight.


Compared with the commercial insurance and entertainment functions of the big Ferris wheel for sale outside, its visual production function is more critical. It actually realizes the construction and expression of urban modernity dimensions through commercial means. It provides the best perspective and platform to observe urban modernization and industrialization achievements. In all the commercial publicity of the Ferris wheel and the seemingly objective but actually ostentatious introductions, the diameter of the Ferris wheel and the number, area, air-conditioning and comfort of the viewing cabins are mentioned. But these devices are not only providing a comfortable relaxation space. Instead, it constructs a set of viewing situations and visual relationships for the viewing consuming subject and provides a perspective, procedure and technical guarantee for the mutual viewing of consumers and the landscape.


As the beautiful Ferris wheel rises from the ground to the high altitude, it slowly leaves the ground through a few square meters of transparent glass viewing cabin. There is no noise from the city and mechanical noise, only the urban wonders from the high altitude. A closed several-square-meter Ferris wheel viewing cabin unfolds a magnificent modern industrial picture, which makes the viewers can't help but fall into the intoxication and praise of modernity.

The outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel has created a modern wonder of the city through changes in height and perspective. It is far away from our experience world and has the nature of images and symbols. It even produces a new kind of worldview through the special presentation and obstruction. In a 360° circular motion, China dominates the physical and mental emotions of the viewer.