Swivel Cockpit Design for Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

Swivel Cockpit Design for Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

At present, there are two forms of outdoor big Ferris wheel cockpits: gondola cockpit and rotary cockpit.

1. The gondola of the Ferris wheel

It is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized Ferris wheels. The top of the car is provided with a shaft sleeve, which is sleeved on the shaft of the support frame. The car can rotate around the shaft by gravity, so that the floor of the car can be continuously leveled. The gondola-type cockpit of the Ferris wheel has a compact structure, and the number of people in a single cabin is small, which is easy to shake during operation, and the overall cost is low.

2. The rotating cockpit of the Ferris wheel

It is mainly suitable for the big Ferris wheel for sale. The outside of the cockpit is provided with hanging ears, which are connected with the turntable of the Ferris wheel through pins.

The overall appearance of the rotary cockpit is a decagon. The structure is mainly composed of frame and viewing window system, electric control system, leveling drive system, access door system, intercom and video monitoring system, air conditioning and ventilation system, fire fighting and emergency system, multimedia system, etc.

The cabin structure of the Ferris wheel produced by ferris wheel company is composed of the middle cabin section, the left and right outer cabin sections, the left and right hanging ears, and the left and right slewing bearings. Each cabin section is welded by plates and steel pipes, all of which are connected by full penetration welding. After strict strength and stiffness check and calculation, they meet the requirements of use and specifications. There is a maintenance ladder outside the left hanging ear, and a lightning protection system is installed outside the right hanging ear to ensure the safety of the equipment.

There is an entrance and exit at the top of the middle cabin, and the top entrance and exit is equipped with an external locking mechanism. The top entrance and exit can only be activated after the staff opens it outside the cabin, and the personnel in the cabin cannot open the entrance and exit. The viewing window adopts PC endurance board, which has good light transmission, is not easy to break, and is safe and environmentally friendly. The cabin is well sealed to ensure no rain leakage.

In the cabin, the cockpit space is divided into the upper passenger area and the bilge equipment area by the floor. The drive system, air conditioning and electrical system are arranged in the bilge equipment area, and the equipment is separated from the passengers to ensure safety. The armrests, seats, interiors and other devices in the Ferris wheel cabin are all made of safe, environmentally friendly and non-combustible materials.

In order to deal with emergency problems during the viewing process of tourists, an emergency handling system is prepared to ensure an emergency landing. The smoke sensing system, wireless intercom and video monitoring system can realize the communication between the ground and the cockpit, which is convenient to manage and deal with emergency situations. The firefighting and first aid tools in the cabin are fixed on the lower part of the seat for easy access in emergency situations.

There are access doors at both ends of the cockpit. Passengers can get on from one side of the cockpit and get off the other side of the cockpit to achieve separation from landing and landing to ensure safety. The cockpit door adopts an electric outward-opening sliding door, and a double mechanical door lock is also set up to ensure that passengers in the cabin cannot open the door by themselves. The cockpit door pump system has an anti-pinch function, and the door can be automatically opened if an obstacle is encountered during the closing process. If the door pump system fails and the door cannot be opened normally, the staff can turn the door pump separation handle outside the cabin to the manual side to manually open the Ferris wheel cabin door.

The actions of the whole cabin include cabin levelling and door opening and closing actions.