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The Alpine Coaster in Henan, China

The Alpine Coaster in Henan, China

As a newly-opened popular project, the alpine coaster-Jungle Race is built-in Triple Falls Lake, a famous scenic spot in Fuxi Mt. in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China. The alpine coaster is a new recreational activity in the world, suitable for all ages. The whole journey takes 5 minutes, and the track is 2000-meter-long with a total drop of over 200 meters. Passengers are surrounded by mountains, glide along the top of the mountain and feel the exciting circle of 360 degrees.

The alpine coaster has been the essence of Triple Falls Lake because of its excitement, entertainment, and novelty. With the speed controlled by the scenic staff, it can be both the single-player experience or group experience like a small train. Passengers just need to fasten their seat belts and enjoy the scenery in the railcar while sometimes hovering in the air and sometimes flying through the forest. Starting from the mountainside, the railcar uses the principle of gravity to glide at top speed, accelerating from slow acceleration to subduction, hurtling in a straight line to a curve, like a racing car hurtling down the track.


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