The Benefits of Having a Ferris Wheel in a City

The Benefits of Having a Ferris Wheel in a City

The Ferris wheel has risen just like those big theaters, art galleries and urban sculptures. It is a must-have for any ambitious city. Every year, the number and height of the Ferris wheel are almost refreshed. From the super cities of Paris, Tokyo, Washington and Hong Kong, to the local cities of Birmingham, Myrtle Beach and so on, the construction of the Ferris wheel is booming everywhere regardless of the size of the city.

Ⅰ. Possess a city landmark


In 1893, the world's first Ferris wheel appeared at the Columbus World Exposition in Chicago. It was built to compete with the Eiffel Tower completed in 1889 in Paris. At this World Expo, 1.6 million visitors were lifted up to an altitude of 80 meters by the Ferris wheel. This giant wheel completely opened the eyes of the people at the time. In this way, the Ferris wheel became popular and was built by many cities.

Modern Ferris wheel designer Ronald Bussink believes that the Ferris wheel is not only a part of the playground, but can also become an independent and attractive landmark. In fact, most Ferris wheels in the world are not built in playgrounds, but in the middle of cities. To gain the favor of the city is the fate of the Ferris wheel, and to become a landmark is the mission of the Ferris wheel. If a city has a Ferris wheel, it has a city landmark.

Ⅱ. Tourism culture is booming

Ferris wheel landmark of a city, is an architectural artwork, and a tourism project. In this era of rapid information dissemination, a good product spreads from ten to ten, and finally there are so many well-known cases. The Ferris wheel, which combines the advantages of beautiful appearance, safe and comfortable riding, and easy to attract people, makes the city's tourism culture flourish. At the same time, the development of tourism promotes local employment, and the steady stream of tourists means to promote the prosperity of the city's economy-this is one of the fatal attractions of the Ferris wheel economy.

Ⅲ. Improving the economic investment of the Ferris wheel

The economy brought about by the Ferris wheel is called the Ferris Wheel Effect. Taking advantage of the open space under the Ferris wheel, a Ferris wheel economic circle is formed, introducing new and highly experienced businesses that cannot be developed on indoor floors; secondly, it provides sufficient passenger flow for high floors, and it is strong for consumers through the Ferris wheel block. Attraction, the passenger flow is drawn to the traditional high-rise disadvantaged space, and a spray-type passenger flow line is formed downward.

Under the background of serious homogeneity of consumer demand, the positioning of the Ferris wheel will be further clarified, diversified operations will be formed, and more passenger flow and consumption will be driven. For example, setting up a guide area for walking on the Ferris wheel, introducing a series of high-tech equipment, and lighting advertising on the Ferris wheel, not only brings a brand new experience to consumers, but also brings many new business opportunities for cooperation, attracting more The eyes of many consumers accelerate urban economic development.

Ⅳ. Ferris wheel broadens the horizon

The main reason for the popularity of the Ferris wheel is due to the unique perspective of the sky. As the location changes, the different appearances of urban buildings are unobstructed. People will not easily miss this excellent opportunity.

The Ferris wheel rotates in a single way, but when you climb high and look into the distance, the content is very different. The Eye of Bohai Sea accommodates a 40-kilometer radius (air quality needs to be considered). The Hague Ferris wheel in the Netherlands can show the vastness of the sea; the Singapore Ferris wheel has a farthest view to parts of Malaysia and Indonesia; a modern, shiny Ferris wheel It can make up for the shortcomings of a city's historical sites and buildings.

Ⅴ. The Ferris wheel creates the uniqueness of the city

Will the Ferris wheel make the city lose its uniqueness? This can also be tested in numerous science and technology museums and shopping malls. The shapes of Ferris wheels everywhere are similar, but in the ferris wheel cabin overlooking the city or seeking emotional comfort, or even proposing marriage, everyone has a private experience. Moreover, the time for the Ferris wheel to rotate for more than 30 minutes is more than half an hour, which is enough for people to enjoy all the beautiful scenery. It also has the potential benefits of enhancing the soft power of the city, and can improve and optimize the temperament of the city in which it is located, and create a unique city image. The scenery of each city is unique, and the scenery overlooked from the Ferris wheel is also completely different. This is the uniqueness that the Ferris wheel gives to the city.

Like skyscrapers, the Ferris wheel is becoming a fixed element of the city. Now it seems that if a city wants to show its vitality and ensure its international status, it should have a beautifully designed and permanently landing Ferris wheel.

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