The Electrical Specifications and Operation Precautions of Amusement Rides

The Electrical Specifications and Operation Precautions of Amusement Rides

Most amusement rides use electricity to operate, so what aspects should be paid attention to when using electricity?

1. Low-voltage power distribution system

The grounding method of the low-voltage power distribution system of amusement rides should adopt the TN-S system; The metal case of electrical equipment and uncharged metal structures must be reliably grounded; The protective grounding resistance of the low-voltage power distribution system is not more than 10Ω. The design and construction of the grounding device should comply with the electrical equipment grounding design specifications. Besides, the insulation resistance between the electric circuit and the ground should not be less than 1MΩ.

2. Electrical system

The design function of the electrical system of amusement rides must meet the operation control and safety protection requirements of the amusement rides, also, it should meet the requirements for normal use under the local environmental conditions.

3. Installation of lightning conductor

The amusement rides should be equipped with lightning protection devices, and the height should exceed 15m. The lightning protection device must be reliably connected, and the grounding resistance should not exceed 10Ω.

So what should pay attention to when operating amusement rides?

1. First of all, setting safety standards. For the special large amusement rides with a height of more than two meters and a horizontal running speed at more than two meters per second, they must be tested annually before being applied. Clarify the information so that visitors can understand.

2. Then carry out the daily maintenance of the amusement rides. Check the validity period of the equipment accessories, whether there is any abnormality during the operation, fix the screws, and add lubricating oil. The daily maintenance is very important in that many hidden dangers can be detected. In this way, the hidden dangers can be discovered and eliminated in time, improving the safety awareness of tourists.

3. Attention should be paid to the hygiene of amusement rides. The venue and the equipment will be cleaned every day. Only by doing a good job in the sanitation of the equipment can attract more people.