The Ferris Wheel That Wants to Compare with the Eiffel Tower

The Ferris Wheel That Wants to Compare with the Eiffel Tower

In order to commemorate Columbus 400th anniversary in 1893, the United States decided to hold an Expo in Chicago.

Before the Chicago World Expo, entertainment can only be set outside the Expo Park. But many entertainment operators found business opportunities in the huge influence of the Expo, so they strongly demanded that their own business places were set inside the Expo park. In order to render the atmosphere and gather popularity, the sponsor of the Chicago World Expo decided to set up a one-kilometer entertainment zone, called "Avenue Paradise", and various sports activities, popular music, reality show, circus performance, and even simulation military war games were there, which reflected the characteristics of the city.

But this meant nothing, the 300-meter-tall Eiffel Tower was the most shining star and the most brilliant heritage of the Paris Expo. How can we have a comparable building? This allowed the organizers of the Chicago World Expo to rake their brains. So they promised huge amounts of money as a reward for a good design widely collected from people.

From thousands of designs collected, the organizer saw an impressive design, which was the design of George Phillis, a Pennsylvania engineer. That was a bold and unique large wheel, and the creative idea of it came from the small waterwheel in Phillis's hometown in his memories of childhood. In this design, the center axis of large wheel was 13.71 meters high, with 36 seats. When people were ascended into the sky by the wheel, they can enjoy a panoramic view of the Expo.

After everyone's vote, the organizer decided to build this giant wheel ride to earn attention for the World Expo.

As expected, the large wheel became the most shining star on this World Expo, although its position was not eye-catching. On about 650 acres of exhibition space, almost every visitor can see this 80-meter high and rotating "giant". The passengers took the large wheel again and again to appreciate scenery, and they enjoyed a new experience with wonder. During this World Expo, more than 1 million passengers were ascended into 80-meter high sky with 50 cents per time per person, and many people took the large wheel repeatedly. So the total revenue of the large wheel reached US $ 720,000, which made the large wheel become the only profitable invention in this Expo.

"What I have done is just putting the Eiffel Tower on a pivot, then let it move." Phillis explained his design. This is the world's first modern Ferris wheel, because of the achievements of Ferris, people call this facility "Ferris Wheel".