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The General Structure of the Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

The General Structure of the Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

The outdoor large-scale ferris wheel amusement machines are currently the largest and most spectacular super-large amusement equipment at home and abroad, which is also the iconic equipment in amusement parks. As a viewing car type amusement machine that rotates around a horizontal axis, its equipment body is huge, the structure is magnificent, the appearance is beautiful,comfortable,and very artistic. What’s more, it has the function of integrating viewing and beautifying the environment as well as offering tourists' entertainment.

The structure of the big ferris wheel outdoors is mainly composed of two parts: the body of wheel and the support system. The structure of the body of wheel is similar to that of a bicycle. The rim often adopts a rigid truss structure system, and the spokes are a flexible cable system. The load of the wheel disc system is transmitted to the large frame through the central spindle system, and all the vertical loads are ultimately  passing to the foundation by the large frame.

Due to the unique advantages of the ferris wheel, it has become the first choice for amusement parks around the world, so its operating environment is also quite variable. In different environments, the natural factors that have a greater impact on it are also fickle. Specifically, there are high wind loads, ice loads, snow loads, temperature changes, earthquakes, etc., which will have a great impact on the ferris wheel and can not be ignored. In order to ensure the safety of the ferris wheel in operation, the designer must accurately calculate the impact of these natural factors to the ferris wheel.

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