The Great Ferris Wheel Manufacturer— JUMA

The Great Ferris Wheel Manufacturer— JUMA


Ⅰ. Product quality

In the metal manufacturing industry, the production quality of metal equipment pays attention to two aspects. One is intrinsic quality, which needs to be silently tested, and the it is proved through silent inspection. Another is the high-quality appearance quality. The most critical process is welding. If the appearance of the welding surface is not good, it will directly affect the internal quality. Therefore, the welding needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the welding specifications. The height of the welding and the width of the weld must strictly meet the design requirements to realize the importance of the wrap angle.

Ⅱ. Pursue the goal

However, traditional electric welding faces many problems. The biggest problem is that after welding, the welding port will leave various traces of unevenness and pits, which directly affects the external beauty of the equipment. The high quality and exquisiteness amusement park ferris wheel for sale allow customers to see Bright welding technology has always been the goal pursued by our JUMA.

Ⅲ. Always strive for the first

JUMA has been engaged in amusement equipment for more than 30 years. It holds an electric welder skill competition every year, hoping to provide an opportunity for workshop welders to learn from each other and improve together through the competition. The display and review of the current technical level of workshop employees is also an effective measure to improve the overall level of the welder skilled talent team.

Ⅳ. Fish scale welding

The hard work pays off. After years of hard work and challenges, the giant horses, the highest state of welding is fish scale welding.

Fish scale welding: As the name suggests, the joints of the steel welded with this technology are fish scales, regular and beautiful. But fish scale welding is not something that every electric welder can master. It has very high requirements on the welding technique. Now let us appreciate the unique visual feast brought to us by JUMA fish scale welding.

A mature electric welder, the finished product welded by childbearing age is like a work of art. JUMA strives to create batches of art masters and let the welding process of JUMA take the lead!

JUMA is the most professional ferris wheel builder and city landmark creator!