The Influence of Annual Temperature Difference on the Structure of Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

The Influence of Annual Temperature Difference on the Structure of Big Outdoor Ferris Wheel

The outdoor large-scale Ferris wheel structure in the natural environment undergoes changes in summer and winter throughout the year, sudden temperature drop, and solar radiation. The influence of temperature changes on the structure is widespread, which mainly embodies in two aspects: deformation and stress.

At present, the specific degree of influence of temperature on the big Ferris wheel is not clear. Considering that the overall structure of the ferris wheel is relatively large and the structure is more complicated, the temperature effect has become a factor that cannot be ignored in the design and construction.

The phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes is a basic property that exists in most natural objects. A large number of studies on the temperature effect theory of structures or components at home and abroad have shown that the influence effect on some large steel structures such as outdoor large ferris wheels is hard to ignore. Although temperature has little effect on general steel structure buildings, it has a relatively large impact on large steel structure buildings such as outdoor large ferris wheels. It is necessary to calculate temperature stress and deformation caused by temperature during design.Therefore, for large flexible sky wheel structure, the influence of temperature effect must be considered.

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