The Night View of the Sky Wheel is So Romantic

The Night View of the Sky Wheel is So Romantic

The Ferris wheel romantic light show brings us a wonderful visual enjoyment. This Ferris wheel light show is colorful in the night, it is really beautiful!


A dazzling light show with more than 100 scenes will be staged on the Ferris Wheel at night. The lights of different types of rides at amusement parks are colorful and stunningly beautiful.

The Ferris wheel light show staged an unpredictable light show, like a dreamlike visual feast, adding bright light and shadow to the night.


The landmark Ferris wheel returned after being upgraded, and the light show staged was gorgeous, dreamy, bright and colorful. It is equipped with hundreds of changes. We can see the Ferris wheel emit colorful beams from a distance, and there will be color changes at intervals, which is dizzying, dreamy and romantic.