The Pride of Juma: “Eye of the Bohai Sea” Is on CCTV!

The Pride of Juma: “Eye of the Bohai Sea” Is on CCTV!

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The "Flying Together" Shandong of the third season of the large-scale documentary "Aerial China" by China Media Group was broadcast on CCTV1 and CCTV9 at 21:00 on May 24, 2020. It shows the spectacular scene of the Weifang Coastal ferris wheel big wheel "Eye of the Bohai Sea" designed by Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

The "Eye of the Bohai Sea" ferris wheel big wheel that straddles the Bailang River is located at the Bailang River in Weifang. It adopts a combination form with the bridge, which crosses the Bailang River and the bridge is 540 meters long. It has more than 20 national patents.

It has three world records!!!

The metal frame design of the "Eye of the Bohai Sea" is inspired by the dragon's back. The whole roulette wheel is like a "dragon spine" with head and tail, which is like a dragon at sea. The diamond-shaped woven grid implies the energy of the dragon, forming a unique landscape of the integration of the wheel and bridge. Approximately 4,600 tons of steel were used to build the ferris wheel big wheel. The scales formed by the steel tube are clearly visible.

1. The largest shaftless ferris wheel big wheel in the world

There is no support in the middle, the wheel does not rotate during operation. The car has a walking mechanism, which rotates along with the wheel through the track.

2. The first ferris wheel big wheel in the form of a woven grid

The design of the Bailang River ferris wheel big wheel is inspired by the kite design concept of Weifang, which is the capital of kites. The whole design is supported by the form of mesh weaving, like two giant dragons echoing from end to end!

3. The first shaftless ferris wheel big wheel combined with the bridge

The Bailang River ferris wheel big wheel combines the bridge in design so that it can move with the water, and it has beautiful scenery. After completion, it will become a connection between the two sides of the Bailang River.

It has a unique shape and people in Weifang prefer to call it “Eye of the Bohai Sea”. It has enhanced the image of the regional landscape and promoted the development of tourism as a commercial landmark and a city card. It has created a new urban tourism landscape integrating transportation, sightseeing, tourism, commerce and leisure.

The "Eye of the Bohai Sea" ferris wheel big wheel is 145 meters high, which is 10 meters higher than the famous "London Eye"! It has 36 suspended viewing cabins, each of which can seat 10 people, and it takes about 30 minutes to complete a circle. It is a landmark tourism project created by Weifang Binhai Tourism Group.

Visitors can sit on the ferris wheel big wheel to take a close look and look down on the rolling Bailang River. They can also see the vast Bohai Bay in the distance. Therefore, the Bailang River Bridge ferris wheel big wheel is also known locally as "Eye of the Future" and "Eye of Bohai".