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The Purpose and Significance of Monitoring in Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel Project

The Purpose and Significance of Monitoring in Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel Project

Whether it is an outdoor giant Ferris wheel, bridge, large complex steel structure, or concrete structure, the monitoring work covers the important period of the structure, from each stage of construction to the operation period after the completion of the engineering structure installation.

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The monitoring of giant Ferris wheel for sale during the construction phase can accurately grasp the change of stress and strain of the structure in each stage of the construction process, and the monitoring data can provide theoretical support for the construction technical means in the construction stage. The adaptability is within the control range and there is no safety problem. The installation accuracy meets the requirements of construction quality, which shows the feasibility of construction technology. After analyzing and processing the monitoring data and guiding the construction, we can ensure that the structural force and linearity are within a reasonable range. The structure is greatly affected by wind loads and temperature loads in the operation stage. Under the monitoring of the monitoring system, we can know the safety situation of the structure through the data collected by the monitoring system, which provides strong scientific support for the management of the structure and the maintenance of the damaged structure. At the same time, it saves the time of appearance inspection by the maintenance personnel and reduces the cost.

The monitoring work of the outdoor mini giant wheel project can not only help the construction company to improve the construction technology, but also provide strong data support for the design work of the design company. In the future design work, it can be used as a reference. Such design results will no longer be the theory, but the combination of theory and design, and the cooperation between design and construction will be more "tacitly".