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The Role of Guardrails Should not Be Underestimated in the Safe Operation of Amusement Rides

The Role of Guardrails Should not Be Underestimated in the Safe Operation of Amusement Rides

According to customer feedback, the safety precautions must not be ignored in the safe operation, especially the amusement rides in the open square. In order to better improve the safe operation of amusement rides, JUMA is here to remind operators that the role of guardrails should not be underestimated.

Why is it important to install safety guardrails? On the one hand, increasing the guardrails of amusement rides can improve the safety of these amusement rides to a large extent, and tourists can avoid some dangerous situations when riding on the amusement rides. The important role of the guardrail is to isolate the collision hazard when the equipment gets too close in the process of operation. Many amusement rides are popular with tourists, but many children have poor self-control and do not know how to avoid danger, so when other passengers are playing, they will naturally get close to it, in this case, dangerous situations can easily occur. Therefore, in the operation of children's amusement rides, setting up guardrails is a necessary condition to avoid many hazards.

In addition, the installation of safety guardrails for amusement rides conduces to guiding tourists into the amusement park. In the places with large populations, setting up guardrails is an important part of effectively guiding tourists into the amusement park, avoiding losses caused by the crowding. Safety guardrails or other effective isolation facilities should be set around the amusement rides and on the platforms 500mm above the ground. The height of the outdoor safety guardrails should be not less than 1100 mm, and the height of the safety guardrails for indoor children's entertainment projects should be not less than 650 mm. The gaps between the guardrails and the distances from the guardrails to the ground shall not be greater than 120 mm. Also, the guardrails should be vertical, rather than horizontal or diagonal. The height of the guardrails of the amusement rides is generally about 1.2 meters, which can effectively prevent the danger of climbing.

Note! The opening direction of the guardrail door should be consistent with the traveling direction of passengers (except in special circumstances). In order to prevent injury to the hands of personnel when opening and closing the door, the gaps between the door frames and the upright posts should be appropriate, or other protective measures should be taken.