The Selection Techniques for Installing Luminaires for Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

The Selection Techniques for Installing Luminaires for Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel

When installing a large outdoor Ferris wheel, the most important thing is to install the external lights. Before this work, the selection of related luminaires needs to be carried out. When selecting, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

1. Energy Consumption of Giant Observation Wheel

The outdoor large Ferris wheel is a common amusement facility, and it is also a scenic line that embellishes the city's beauty. Therefore, the choice of lamps and lanterns should not only have a stable atmosphere, but also reduce the energy consumption of the Ferris wheel as much as possible, save the operating cost of the giant observation wheel, and increase the operator's income as much as possible. However, the choice of luminaires should not sacrifice the Ferris wheel's ornamental performance because of the energy consumption, or it will only outweigh the gains.

2. The Lifespan of the Giant Observation Wheel

The luminaires on the Ferris wheel are always expensive, and the price of a Ferris wheel luminaire is often more than 100,000 yuan. Therefore, a huge investment must have a stable return. When choosing luminaires in a Ferris wheel factory, you need to choose an LED lamp with a long lifespan. Although the price of an LED lamp with a long life will be relatively high, it can have a better performance.

3. The Appearance of Giant Observation Wheel

LED lamps have soft colors, no glare, high brightness, and at the same time, they have a series of advantages such as less heat generation. This greatly improves the cost performance of the installation of Ferris wheel lamps.