The Working Principle and the Installation Method of Outdoor Large Ferris Wheel

The Working Principle and the Installation Method of Outdoor Large Ferris Wheel

The outdoor large Ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical building facility, and its working principle and installation method are very different according to the types of Ferris wheel.

The cabin of the gravitational Ferris wheel is hung on the wheel, using gravity to maintain its balance; while the cabin on the observation Ferris wheel is hung outside the wheel, which requires a more complicated mechanical structure of connecting rods, to adjust its balance synchronously, according to the position of the car revolving.

The construction method of round wheel ride

The construction technology and method of the Ferris wheel structure should be specified according to the specific structural form and site conditions. At present, the construction methods of the Ferris wheel structure can be summarized into the following three types.

1. Assembly on the ground and integrally hoisted

It is conducive to the installation of steel structure, and the installation accuracy is easy to guarantee, but the size and weight of the Ferris wheel structure are generally large, so it requires a large construction site and strong lifting capacity.

2. Center rotation installation method

The center rotation installation method refers to the Ferris wheel structure system taking the supporting tower as a working platform or using a lifting system to install from the center to the periphery circle by circle, after the supporting tower and the axle are installed in place. It is more frequently used in some small and medium-sized Ferris wheel installation projects.

3. The vertical rotation installation method

The vertical rotation installation method can avoid a large number of high-altitude operations, and the risk is low; but it requires a larger traction power system, and a good braking system, especially the two-side rotation installation method also requires special treatment for the center wheel axle of all types of amusement park rides.

The working principle of round wheel ride

The working principle of the ferris wheel capsule is to turn the speed of the high-speed and low-torque to high-torque and low-speed mechanical power with a motor through the speed reducer. It is transmitted to the wheel through an intermediate mechanism that is generally elastic and has a certain strength to make the Ferris wheel rotate at a low speed.