Three Construction Methods of Ferris Wheel

Three Construction Methods of Ferris Wheel

An outdoor huge ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical construction facility with a passenger cabin suspended from the rim. Passengers sit on the Ferris wheel, turning slowly. They can overlook the surrounding scenery from a height. Ferris wheels often stand alone on other occasions and are often used as viewing platforms for events.

Ⅰ. Ferris wheel is classified according to different operating mechanisms

Ferris wheel can be divided into gravity Ferris wheel and observation Ferris wheel.

The gravity-type Ferris wheel cockpit is suspended on the Ferris wheel and is kept horizontal by gravity; while the cockpit for viewing the Ferris wheel is suspended on the outside of the Ferris wheel, which requires a more complex link-type mechanical structure, which can be adjusted according to the position of the surrounding vehicles. Synchronously adjusts its own level.

Ⅱ. The construction method of the Ferris wheel

The construction technology and method of the Ferris wheel structure should be specified according to the specific structural form and site conditions.

At present, the construction methods of outdoor huge ferris wheel structures mainly include the following:

1. Ground assembly and overall hoisting method of outdoor huge ferris wheel

The ground assembly and the overall hoisting method are beneficial to the installation of the steel structure, and the installation accuracy is easy to ensure. However, the scale and weight of the Ferris wheel structure are generally large, requiring a large construction site and strong hoisting capacity.

2. Rotary installation method of outdoor huge ferris wheel center

The center-rotating Ferris wheel refers to the installation method that supports the tower and the shaft is installed in place, the tower is set up as a working platform, the installation or the Ferris wheel structure system is installed from the center outward by using the lift system in some small and medium-sized Ferris wheel installation projects.

3. Vertical rotation installation method of outdoor huge ferris wheel

The vertical rotation installation method can avoid a lot of high-altitude work and has low risk; however, it requires a large traction power system and a good braking system, especially the two-side rotation installation method requires special treatment for the center shaft of the outdoor huge ferris wheel.

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