Three Construction Methods of Outdoor Big Ferris wheel

Three Construction Methods of Outdoor Big Ferris wheel

The outdoor big ferris wheel is a large wheel-shaped mechanical construction facility, and the cabin is suspended on the rim. The passengers sit on the ferris wheel and it turns slowly. They can overlook the surrounding scenery from a height. The ferris wheel usually exists alone in other occasions and is usually used as a viewing platform for activities.

According to the different operating mechanisms, the diffrent types of ferris wheels can be divided into gravity ferris wheel and observation ferris wheel.

The gravity ferris wheel gondola is suspended on the ferris wheel and kept level by gravity; while the observation ferris wheel’s gondola is suspended on the outside of the ferris wheel, which requires a more complex linkage mechanism, which can be based on the location of surrounding vehicles synchronously adjusting its own level.

Construction method

The construction technology and method of the ferris wheel structure should be specified according to the specific structure and site conditions. At present, there are mainly the following construction methods for outdoor large ferris wheel structures.

1. Ground assembly and overall hoisting method

Ground assembly and overall hoisting method is conducive to the installation of steel structures, and the installation accuracy is easy to be ensured. However, the scale and weight of the ferris wheel structure are generally large, requiring a large construction site and strong lifting capacity.

2. Center rotation installation method

The center-rotating ferris wheel refers to the installation method to support the tower and the shaft after the installation is in place, the tower is set up, the work platform is installed or the ferris wheel structure system from the center to the outside through the use of lift system, is widely used in some medium and small ferris wheel installation projects . Jumarides provides different kinds of small ferris wheel for sale, feel free to contact us!

3. Vertical rotation installation method

The vertical rotation installation method can avoid a large number of high-altitude operations and has low risk; however, it requires a larger traction power system and a good braking system, especially the two-sided rotation installation method requires special treatment on the central axis of the outdoor large ferris wheel .