Trends in Ferris Wheel Construction: Bigger, Taller, and Better Views

Trends in Ferris Wheel Construction: Bigger, Taller, and Better Views

Through the development status of outdoor large Ferris wheels, I have a certain understanding of the structure of Ferris wheels. Although their structural shapes are different, they represent the imprints of different eras, leaving profound cultural connotations and social significance. From the current situation, the future development trend of outdoor large Ferris wheel is as follows:

1. The height and diameter of outdoor large Ferris wheels are showing an increasing trend

As a whole, the Ferris wheel has grown from the initial tens of meters to hundreds of meters now, constantly breaking new world records in terms of height. From the perspective of the development process of China Ferris wheel, there are seven Ferris wheels over 100 meters.

2. Modern Ferris wheels pay more attention to the safety, comfort and entertainment of the design

When the early designed Ferris wheel was running, the gondola swayed obviously. Passengers could feel obvious discomfort when riding in the gondola. There was more psychological fear for the elderly. At the same time, the equipment in the gondola is monotonous, and there is only a place to sit. The now designed Ferris wheel has a more luxurious interior decoration, with entertainment services such as sky restaurants, toilets, bars and KTVs, and some are even installed with lanterns of different colors, giving tourists a different vision when working at night. experience.

3. Modern Ferris wheel should pay more attention to the perfect combination with the local landscape

For example, the "London Eye" in the United Kingdom is built on the Thames River in London. Tourists can not only experience the excitement of riding the Ferris wheel, but also visit the local scenic spots and scenic spots, reducing the monotony of tourist travel.

4. Modern Ferris wheels tend to be more integrated with local buildings

The "Eye of Tianjin" Ferris wheel in Tianjin, China, combined with the local bridge structure, has realized the effective unification of the multi-functionality of various building structures. The Kaohsiung Eye Ferris Wheel in Chinese Taipei is designed upstairs, which not only reduces the footprint but also increases the location of the highest point of the Ferris wheel, allowing visitors to view the scenery further afield. The Canton Tower Ferris Wheel built in Guangzhou, China, it builds the Ferris wheel on the tower of the Canton Tower, making the Ferris wheel reach an unimaginable height.

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