What Happened to the First Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel in the World?

What Happened to the First Large Outdoor Ferris Wheel in the World?

The first Ferris wheel was publicized at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, and its architects built it to fight against the French Eiffel Tower that was completed in Paris in 1889.

The name of Ferris wheel comes from its builder, George Ferris. Ferris used to be a bridge architect in Pittsburgh. His proficiency and substantial knowledge make him the only candidate for this job.

By observing the structure of the carousel, Ferris conceived this big wheel. In order to compete with the Eiffel Tower, Ferris knew that his invention must be huge, so he decided to make a giant runner that people had never seen before. When Ferris proposed to build a giant wheel for the Chicago World Expo, some people were worried, some were skeptical, and others were at a loss. This plan was not approved until December 16, 1892. Ferris faced many difficulties like he had to raise 355,000 U.S. dollars in 4 and a half months, and design the model, transport 2,100 tons of steel and other materials. The runner was not officially opened until June 21, 1893. Nevertheless, it attracted up to 1.5 million tourists, with a total income of nearly 730,000 U.S. dollars and a net profit of 300,000 U.S. dollars.

After the festival passed, the fun fair Ferris wheel also began to face the question of future direction. If it is transported to New York for reconstruction, it will cost 150,000 U.S. dollars, and no one will pay such a large amount of money for its transportation. Finally, Ferris wheel settled in Clark North Street in Chicago. Unfortunately, the business there was a bit deserted. Thus, by 1904, it appeared at the Saint Louis Expo again. By 1906, the first large outdoor Ferris wheel in the world was dismantled and its parts were sold to recyclers of various metals.

above is the result of the world's first Ferris wheel, which is pitiful. As for now, all kinds of Ferris wheels in the world are emerging one after another, and they are developing more and more beautiful and attractive.