Wheel Support Shaft and Support Column of Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel

Wheel Support Shaft and Support Column of Outdoor Giant Ferris Wheel

The outdoor giant Ferris wheel is mainly composed of a supporting column, a turntable supporting shaft, a turntable, a gondola, a spoke cable and corresponding auxiliary structures, among which the turntable and the turntable supporting shaft are connected by a spoke cable. In addition, the support column is divided into a main support column and a side support column.

Next, let's take a look at the specific content of the truntable support shaft and support column through the introduction of the JUMA.

(1) Turntable supporting shaft of giant Ferris wheel

The turntable support shaft is a particularly important part of the giant Ferris wheel structure. The force on the turntable is transmitted from the turntable to the support column through the bearing on the turntable support shaft. At the same time, since there is a bearing on the turntable supporting shaft, the entire turntable rotates on the turntable supporting shaft. The structure includes the spoke cable connecting lug plate, the outer sleeve, the hollow tube, the bearing and the shaft head. The support shaft of the turntable of the outdoor giant Ferris wheel is located at a height of about 100m from the ground.

(2) Support column of giant Ferris wheel

The supporting column of the outdoor giant Ferris wheel is the main bearing member, which is divided into the main supporting column and the side supporting column. Four of the main supporting columns bear axial pressure, and one side supporting column bears lateral tension or pressure. The supporting columns are all cylindrical in the lower end and conical in the upper end. The maximum outer diameter is 3.5m, the minimum outer diameter is 2.1m, and there are T-shaped ribs inside as longitudinal ribs. The length of the main support column is about 105 meters, the length of the side support column is about 118 meters, and the side support column and the main support column are connected by a pin shaft.