Xinhualian Children’s Dream Paradise is Open! It's About to Ignite The Summer!

Xinhualian Children’s Dream Paradise is Open! It's About to Ignite The Summer!

Playing is always the nature of young people and children. How to play, where to play. These seem to be the most troublesome problem for every holiday, but there is a place in their hearts that is more attractive than any national scenic area. This place is called an amusement park!

Xining Xinhualian Children's Dream Park: Ocean World, Pomegranate Seed Garden, Chinese National Customs Street, Silk Road Town, Children's Dream Water World, Tongmeng Kingdom, Land Park, Silk Road Legend 5D Cinema, Qinghai Eye and Ocean Resort Dozens of scenic spots and amusement facilities, including hotel groups, are open to tourists. Xining Xinhualian Children's Dream Park, which integrates originality, theme, culture, and technology, has opened a mysterious and joyful dream journey for hundreds of millions of children.

Ⅰ."Eye of Qinghai" Ferris wheel

DIDA, DIDA...time flows in the afternoon sun, the Ferris wheel rotates slowly, DIDA, DIDA...just like a pendulum swaying, evoke memories and experience the happiness of this second.

Let us introduce the 108-meter "Eye of Qinghai" Ferris wheel carefully built by our company! How high are 108 meters? About 30 floors of buildings, reaching the top overlooking the panoramic view of the paradise, small happiness is at your fingertips. The ferris wheel landmark stands on both banks of the Huangshui River and has become an online celebrity attraction in the park.

From the production to the installation, every step is the crystallization of the serious and responsible work of the Juma workers. Every small success is the pursuit of excellence of the Juma Group.

The quality construction of Juma Group will soon add more joy to Xining Children's Dream Paradise. In the future, let us enjoy the infinitely beautiful scenery of Xining, Qinghai on the Ferris wheel in a romantic form!

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