Juma is an amusement equipment manufacturing and Ferris wheel company that specializes in Ferris Wheel including Ferris wheel design, production, and maintenance. Over the last three decades, Juma has grown rapidly and has become the largest manufacturer of Ferris wheel ride with hundreds of employees in China.

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Nearly 60 kinds of large and medium-sized types of amusement rides like a roller coaster, carousel, exploration tower, super boat, water wheel, harmony tower have been sold outside the country, such as Tajikistan, Syria, Indonesia, Egypt, etc. For the further market, our company continuously devotes to developing newer and exciting projects.

  • Air Train
    Air train is a suspension monorail transportation system, especially suitable for medium and small cities.
  • Alpine Coaster
    Alpine Coaster is a new type of slide developed recently after the groove stainless steel slide which has been popular.
  • Self Control Plane Ride
    The self control plane ride is the latest large-scale amusement equipment designed by us according to the market needs and specific requirements of users.
  • Bumper Car
    Bumper car is a motorized equipment operating in an indoor space.
  • Carousel
    Carousel is a traditional amusement machine, welcomed by the majority of young tourists since its inception.
  • Octopus Ride
    Octopus ride is a large amusement equipment developed by our factory, which belongs to the category of automatic control aircraft.
Company Profile

Founded in 1990, Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company attached to Juma Group. As an amusement equipment and Ferris wheel company, Juma has rich experience in the design, production, and maintenance of the Ferris wheel, which is our signature product line. During the last three decades, Juma has grown rapidly and become the largest manufacturer of Ferris wheel in China with hundreds of professional staff. In order to present our products and service better to the international market and enhance business capability, Juma set up a Shanghai branch in 2014.