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128m Ferris Wheel The Glory of Shenzhen

128m Ferris Wheel The Glory of Shenzhen

In 1979, Deng Xiaoping, the great leader of China, launched the policy of reform and opening up in Shenzhen. Now, 40 years later, Shenzhen is reaping the glory, opening the dream of the era, and receiving the world's expectation. The Bao'an central district is the new center of Shenzhen, and the planned coastal cultural park has been the focal point of the Bao’an central district. The 128 meters giant observation wheel “the glory of Shenzhen” arises at the historic moment, landing in the coastal cultural park and setting up a world-class city landmark.

The glory of Shenzhen is manufactured by Juma and Starneth Engineering. From the world's perspective, it is the wheel of the century, integrating culture, sightseeing, entertainment, business, and experience into one, creating a powerful engine of Shenzhen tourism economy. The glory of Shenzhen gathers the world's top science and technology of the Ferris wheel, and it is designed with 5 pillars, 28 space capsules, a total height of 128 meters, and 113.3 meters in diameter. The electrical control system is designed with redundancy, providing a safe, stable, and comfortable operation system. The fish-fin shaped stand is a whimsical idea from the ocean and the first in the world. The single-sided two-column structure maximizes the viewing surface of the giant observation wheel and brings the ultimate wide view. The design concept of the flat-shaped double-tube rim is a trend and a perfect breakthrough from structure to art. Passenger distribution systems lead to the rational allocation of the flow lines. In addition, the ellipsoid rotary capsule used on the 128 meters Ferris wheel takes the lead in China. With the giant observation wheel rotating, the scenery of the bay shows up in front of passengers. When night falls, the big screen about 200 square meters on the top of the column along with the magnificent light show starts to perform. With a 360-degree dynamic panorama, the light of the area attracts people's attention, challenging the human visual imagination.


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