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No Shaft 145m Ferris wheel in Weifang, China

No Shaft 145m Ferris wheel in Weifang, China

The Bailang River Ferris wheel is located in the coastal area of Wei fang city, Shandong province, over the Bailang river bridge and adjacent to the estuary of the Bailang river. The total length of the bridge is 540 meters, with the main bridge 190 meters and the approach bridge 175 meters on each side. A double-deck steel truss bridge is designed for human - vehicle separation. With a height of 145 meters, which adopts the integrated design of the axle-free wheel and bridge, as well as the common strut technology, it is the largest shaftless Ferris wheel of the world.

When the Bailang River bridge and the Ferris wheel is built, it will present a three-dimensional picture of the upper-level driving, the lower level boarding, and the flowing water under the bridge. When the Ferris wheel slowly turns, visitors will see the foot of the shuttle traffic and slowly flowing river, which is also a different experience. 

The Bailang River Ferris wheel project combines the giant observation wheel and the bridge in an ingenious way, integrating traffic, sightseeing, tourism, commerce, and leisure into one, connecting the traffic on both sides of the Bailang river, improving the image of the regional landscape, and driving the development of tourism and commerce. The project will become a new landmark and the city name card of Wei fang, Shandong province.


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