Flying Chair Ride

Flying Chair Ride

Name:Flying Chair Ride

Location:FuYang,Anhui Province,China

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Description of Flying Chair Ride

Flying Chair Ride is one of the most classic and necessary amusement rides in parks. Passengers sitting in the hanging chair rise gradually with the rotation of axis and spin, feeling like flying in the sky with no strain and limit. We create the unique Flying Chair Ride for sale with reliable materials and creative design, giving the classic amusement rides a new lease of life. Various lighting and music system can be added based on the demand of customers.

Features of Flying Chair Ride

Flying chair rides are common in amusement parks of all sizes. They could be simple ones with three or four chairs; they could also be tall ones of seven or eight meters in height. Each kind of flying chair ride has its own design and flying speed.

The flying chair ride and the flying swing both are rotating amusement rides, only the latter one starts from tens of meters in the air and requires riders to have more courage and less fear of height while the former one, although with a relatively lower height, can even go up and down, which could pump up your adrenaline to the max.

The flying chair ride is just like a giant umbrella with many beautiful and safe suspended chairs. When the motor is on, you can experience the thrilling tilting and fly off the chairs. If you love the feeling when the chair plane ride you are sitting in is taking off, then you definitely will be drawn by the feeling of experiencing the centrifugal force on the flying chair ride, where you will find yourself and other riders fly in the air, even in the same angle.

Technical Parameters of Flying Chair Ride

The number of hanging chair36hanging chairs*1person/hanging chair
Rotating speed of the pillar2r/min
The speed of the hanging chair relative to the pillar8.3r/min
Running height5.8m
Tilt angle of rotary table15°
Static height of equipment9m
Power supplyAC380/50Hz/60Hz, three-phase TN-S system
Theory passengers capacity720persons/hour
Occupied area380 m2